Barcelona, Kos, London, Phuket; we could go on…

Our #EBSGradClub members started their adventures in 4 very different locations. From the urban, city vibe to exotic beaches, discover what made their destination so unique.


The first word that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking of Barcelona is colour. Colours of the fruit in the market place “La Bouqueria”, colours of beautiful beaches and parasols, colours of the city parks and their stunning Gaudi architecture. Colour is everywhere in the Catalonian capital. No matter if you are rambling down La Ramblas, enjoying tapas and sangria in a local bar, climbing up Montjuiic to see the fountains or playing beach volley, everywhere in the city you will be flooded with amazing colour.


Meeting new people has never been so easy! In Barcelona you find people from all over the world. Catalan speaking natives, people who have just arrived (like you) and people who are travelling around the world, artists, businessmen, bartenders… you name it Barcelona has it.


Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here!


A party animal? Amazing international nightclubs on the beach and in the city are waiting for you!


Enjoy tasting good food and better wine? It would be hard for you to resist the temptation to try all of Barcelona’s quaint tapas bars. Don’t worry about the calories, you can easily burn them during a beach volley session or running along the promenade. Or simply walk through the characteristic city streets and discover Barcelona’s art masterpieces while burning off lunch.


It’s impossible not to fall in love with this city and #EBSBarcelona completes the package. We have 18 fully-equipped bar and free pouring stations, a theory and flair space, a huge terrace, an awesome hostel, with a private rooftop pool, situated in the heart of Barcelona; as well as plenty of activities organised for you. After the course you can use to get an excellent bartending job in one of the best city locations. What are you waiting for?



This island is a perfect combination of crystal beaches, stunning nature, culture and sightseeing, delicious food and vibrant nightlife.


It’s up to you to explore the hidden side of the island or experience the social side on the beach, meeting fellow EBS from all over the world.


#EBSKos is the largest bartender school in the world and, founded in 1999, it was the first bartender school within the EBS family. This means, you will get a great reception on the island of Kos as an EBS student. The locals know all about EBS and a lot of them have a special, personal relationship with us. It won’t be difficult for you to get great discounts and the best treatment during your stay on the island.


With 52 realistic bar stations, free pour, flair area, dining area, master classroom, as well as an awesome swimming pool in the middle of it all, you will discover the world of bartending while experiencing the Kos lifestyle in an exciting and fun-filled location. Furthermore, all students at #EBSKos live together, creating a great atmosphere to quickly build a life-long friends. The excellent nightlife and the amazing activities organised by the school will make sure that you and your fellow bartenders will have plenty to do.


If you like parties, Kos is definitely for you! And, who knows, if Kos really takes your fancy you could stick around for a while and live the dream for as long as you like.



“By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show.” Like Samuel Johnson, you will discover a new world while coming to London. The bartending world, of course!


London is the cocktail capital of the World, as well as the heart of mixology. By studying here you won’t only learn how to be become a professional bartender, you will also experience one of the most vibrant bartender cultures in Europe. Take a walk down Oxford Street, or grab a cocktail in one of the most innovative bars along the River Thames. Explore London by tube and hop from one vibrant culture to the next, all of which are leading the way for cocktail innovation.


In London bartending is not only a profession, but a culture, a way of life. During the day some of the industry’s top instructors will reveal to you the secrets of the trade and at night you will be able to see what you have learnt in the day put into practice by the best world’s bartenders. A perfect way to enjoy London’s amazing nightlife, while preparing for EBS Graduation!


The atmosphere at #EBSLondon is exactly like a real bar, you will spend more hands-on hours behind the bar than any other bar school in Europe. Furthermore, EBS will assist you in finding a bar job in the fantastic city after completing the course.



Phuket has plenty of tropical secrets hidden away than most travelers could ever dream of finding, however with #EBSPhuket on your side you will be living like a local in no time and making the most of every gem that this beautiful island has to offer. It’s not only a natural paradise where you can lounge under the shade of the palms, or take a paddle in the warm turquoise waters. There is much more to discover!


Did you know for example that the unique Phan Nga Bay, with its green water, was the setting of James Bond film “the Man with the Golden Gun”? Definitely a sight not to be missed! Plus, if you’re fascinated by spirituality and meditation, then you also shouldn’t miss the wonderfully decorated Phuket temples, as well as the Big Buddha statue. There’s so much to see but the #EBSPhuket school will ensure you see it all when you’re not training to be a bartender.


Our EBS “campus” is the only school of its kind. #EBSPhuket is the only destination to combine a restaurant, living facilities, training areas and a rooftop pool all in one place! Make Phuket the dream destination for any student looking to get that taste of University life. Situated between the beach and the popular nightlife district of Bangla road you and your fellow bartenders will be based in one of the most desirable locations on the island. All in all, #EBSPhuket is the dream place to be introduced to a month of incredible themed parties, vibrant new cultures and the lifestyle of a professional bartender!