Cocktail App

The EBS cocktails app is now available for IOS and Android. Learning classic and contemporary cocktail recipes has never been so easy!

✔   Practice over 80 cocktail recipes in a productive way

✔   Refresh your bartending knowledge on the go, when commuting or waiting in a queue

✔   Prepare yourself for the 4-Week theory exam in an entertaining and efficient way.


Studying made more accessible, easier and faster!

Studying for the 4-Week theory exam can be one of the most challenging aspects of the course. Not anymore with the EBS cocktails app! Download the app for an easy, fast and productive way to test your EBS cocktail knowledge! You’ll need to be quick and pay attention to every detail in order to pass the exam…remember, ice and glass count as well!


Refresh your bartending knowledge

Is it 3 or 4 lime wedges? 2 or 3 shots of Cointreau? The best bartenders around are quick, precise and know their drinks off by heart. The official EBS cocktails app can help to refresh your memory in order to create perfect drinks in an entertaining and engaging way, whenever and wherever you are! Take a look for 5 minutes every day before going to work or during your lunch break, it’ll make all the difference!


You choose how you practise your EBS cocktails! Choose whether you want to perfect a specific cocktail or test yourself on the entire collection



Now you’ve guessed all of the cocktail’s components, see how many were correct! Select all of the parts you guessed correctly and a score will appear at the end that you can aim to beat every time!


Use the settings to personalise the alcohol measurements, switch from CL. (centilitre), ML. (millilitre) and OZ (ounces). Turn on the clock feature and try to get faster every time you practise.