Student life


Miami After-hours activities

These are some of the typical activities our students enjoy outside course hours. Note that most of them are NOT included in the course price as we try to keep costs as low as possible for our students.

The Games

Whether it’s the legendary Miami Heat you’d like to see play, an American Football game or even an ice hockey game. Miami has it all, and your Miami-trip isn’t complete without experiencing the adrenaline and spectacle of American sports.

The Everglades

Skimming over the endless swamps on a powerboat with alligators all around you! The Everglades are all that and much more.

Welcome drink - free

What better way to start your EBS adventure than over some delicious drinks with your new coursemates and instructors?

BBQ Saturdays - free

Every Saturday, we host a mouthwatering free BBQ on our sunny outdoor patio for you to enjoy and unwind after a busy week of bartending!

Beach day - free

Get set for a day at the beach with your EBS family filled with games, challenges and lots of fun!

Beer pong competition - free

One of the most popular EBS Miami events of all time: the beer pong competition…and it’s on every Thursday!

Movie night - free

Chill out and watch a movie with the Citi Cinema Series outdoor movie night, taking place every Wednesday at Miami’s most-loved beach park.

Scavenger hunt around Miami

Team up with your coursemates and discover the hidden corners of Miami with our awesome scavenger hunt.

Layered cocktail competition

Put your newly-found cocktail skills to the test and get to grips making layered cocktails in a lively competition.

Pool party

Are you ready to hit one of Miami’s infamous pool parties? We provide special discounts so you can experience the Miami party scene at its best.

EBS Places

Welcome to Miami, study with EBS during the day, take in the city at night or explore in the weekends.


Made famous by the cop show Miami Vice, the Art Deco district is located right in the heart of South Beach, giving this part of Miami a unique skyline. If only for Ocean Drive and its jetsetters, you can’t go Miami without seeing the district at least once.


Sports are huge in the states, and there is no better place to experience the American sport fans than right in the middle of a “Baseball park” (you’d call it a stadium) like Marlins Park. Check their calendar and pick your game!



The Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens is the largest zoological garden in Florida. Plus, it’s the only tropical zoo in the States. Commonly called Zoo Miami, it’s Facebook gold!



This is where you get to say “Ola!” to the Cuban influences that made Miami into the multi-cultural city it is today. Colorful murals, cigars, Latin music and some really nice little restaurants. Get your food on!



Some say it is the most beautiful pool in the world. It’s certainly the largest in the US. And it is a historic landmark too, dating back from 1924. No Skinny-dipping allowed.




From rooftop bars to high-end clubs, Miami offers all kinds of music and performances and you are going to remember your Miami nights for a long time. Your very own school venue LIV is one of many great clubs to enjoy the night with a cocktail in your hand.