From an EBS Bartender Course to a Brand Ambassador

26th July 2017
From an EBS Bartender Course to a Brand Ambassador

How do you go from working at an electrical shop in Ireland to end up working as the brand ambassador for one of the largest spirit producers in the world? Read Andrew’s incredible story and how his EBS course helped him achieve it:

The start of an amazing adventure

Andrew’s journey started when he came across an EBS video online. He pictured himself bartending under the sun, just like students in the video. He looked out of his window at the rain and knew he needed a change.

The following day, he called up the EBS CARE team and got all of the details. Shortly after, he quit his job and headed straight to EBS Kos.

During the course, Andrew met people from all over the world and still keeps in touch with them to this day. He lived in a room with two Italians, one of whom could not speak English very well. Not only does Andrew now have two good friends from Italy, but he can also order a beer in Italian.

Andrew says that “if it wasn’t for the course I wouldn’t be able to handle myself now”. He now has an extensive knowledge of bartending and cocktails which means he is comfortable and confident in his new role as brand ambassador.

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Head and shoulders above the competition

Before his course, Andrew applied to the Ibec Export Orientation Program, which is a talent pool for Irish Nationals. They match graduates with internationally operating companies and work with world-renowned spirit manufacturers as well.

He chose their food and drink sector and received a phone call during his first week at EBS Kos. To his delight, two giants of the bartending industry were interested in meeting him. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Andrew flew back to Ireland to meet with the brands.

He was grilled about his course at EBS. Both companies were fascinated by the details of the programme and it turned out it’s what made him their perfect brand ambassador.

Within just 12 hours of finishing the interviews, he received a phone call to say that he had been offered both positions and that they’d be based in California.

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Working as a brand ambassador for Beam Suntory

Beam Suntory Brand Ambassador

After finishing his EBS course, he decided to become the brand ambassador for Beam Suntory, the third-largest drinks company in the world!

Today, Andrew is the 2 Gingers Whiskey Ambassador for Northern California. This means he deals with bartenders every day, develops new cocktails for their menu and happy hour specials.

During his first month, he was flown out to Las Vegas to familiarise himself with his company’s whiskeys. One month after that, he was doing a whiskey tasting-session at a Facebook staff event on a cruise around San Francisco Bay.

As Beam Suntory’s brand ambassador, Andrew has to attend lot of events, sometimes that means going backstage and meeting VIP’s. Andrew was lucky enough to end up backstage at the world-famous Coachella Festival, in California.

Despite not having American citizenship, Andrew is still able to work in the USA due to a special 18-month trainee visa called a J1.

For Beam Suntory, the brand ambassador programme is an excellent way to “test” new employees and they are looking at sponsoring Andrew and gradually transferring him into the role of account specialist.

Things dreams are made of  

Andrew says that:

“When I think about all this I have to pinch myself. Just over a year ago, I saw the EBS course on Facebook and now I am working as a brand ambassador for 2 Ginger Whiskey in California.”

This is what dreams are made of and I am so grateful for this opportunity. So EBS I thank you. I will hold onto those skills and memories for life.

Andrew is sure that if it wasn’t for the EBS course, he would have been just another one of the thousands of candidates who applied to become a brand ambassador. What made him stand out was that he was able to talk about the bartending industry with ease because of what he had learned at EBS.

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