How to Build Your CV in Just 5 Steps

23rd September 2016
How to Build Your CV in Just 5 Steps

Are you out of luck on your hunt for the perfect bartending job? Lucky for you, there’s an answer. If you’ve completed an EBS course, you will be one of the exclusive few with access to

MatchStaff is a worldwide jobs database where we help you to find the job of your dreams. is your gateway to the bartending world and to help you with this new platform we’ve put together the 5 steps you need to know to build the perfect CV.

Welcome to MatchStaff!

Is it the first time you’ve logged in with MatchStaff? To log into MatchStaff, all you need is the email and password given to you after completing your bartending course. With a MatchStaff profile, you will have access to:

  • Your profile
  • Your inbox
  • Previous applications
  • Job matches
  • Job searches
  • Venue searches
  • Your notifications

With MatchStaff, you can keep posted with all the latest news and updates in the jobs market- all personalised to your wishes. It’s really easy to use for one simple reason: with the aim to give you a step up in the jobs market.

5 Steps to Building the Perfect Profile

As a new member, you should begin your MatchStaff journey by creating a resume that will make any future employer want to employ you. Even if you are already a member, it’s always important to keep this updated- it’s where all the magic happens. Your resume is split into 5 separate sections, let’s go through them:

1. Important details

The first section is arguably one of the most important sections of your profile. These details will be the first thing a prospective employer will want to see. It is here that you can add or change your age, nationality, job search status and profile picture. (So don’t forget to leave behind those holiday pics behind! You don’t want to make a bad impression.)

2. It’s all about you

In the next step, you will have the opportunity to talk a little bit more about yourself. Don’t be shy, just let loose. There are three topics including an ‘About me’, ‘My ideal bar job’, and ‘Looking for work’ tab. Give a little insight in each section about what you’re looking for and the type of person you are. Just remember that with a limited word count, you need to put the most important aspects first.

3. Previous experience

Adding relevant work and education experience will build your resume and demonstrate that you have what it takes to get the job you applied for. Click on the ‘plus’ sign and a new window will open up where you can put the dates, location and field of study in the boxes provided- it’s that simple.


4. You’ve got a match!

When you select the sectors that you’d like to work in, you’ll be sent jobs that match the criteria you’ve given. All you have to do is tick your favourite type of venues from the checklist and the jobs will come to you.

5.  Reasons to hire me

What skills or attributes do you think you can add to the role? Whether it’s flair skills or your friendly personality, it’s good to accumulate a list of talents that you think would add value to the role you are applying for.

And lastly, don’t forget to save any changes that you’ve made!

For any more suggestions on how to make your resume better, you can always get in touch with us.

Building your CV with MatchStaff takes less than 15 minutes. So start building your CV today and get one step closer to the job of your dreams.



Kirsty is the Content Writer at EBS. In her free time, she likes sipping on Espresso Martinis, watching videos of funny dogs, and exploring the city. Originally from Scotland, she has spent many summers working and living in different European cities.